European Brick Master

Harrisonburg, VA
License Number: VI2705082537
License Number: VI2705064551
Recent Building Permit
Repair foundation/piers/brick veneer

Repair foundation/piers/brick veneer
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Description: Home improvement
License Number: VI2705044822

Hitt Llc

Grottoes, VA
License Number: VI2705118361
Recent Building Permit
Exterior alterations attach faux brick to lower 18" of front o... more

Exterior alterations attach faux brick to lower 18" of front of building & corners, pain existing wall to match
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Description: Masonry contracting
License Number: VI2705071135

Brick And Block

Harrisonburg, VA
Description: Building, masonry contracting, commercial improvement, home improvements
License Number: VI2705121318
Description: Masonry contracting, home improvements, landscaping, painting and wallcovering
License Number: VI2705140714

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Description: Building, masonry contracting
License Number: VI2705069003
Description: Building, masonry contracting, concrete contracting
License Number: VI2705121353

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