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Elara Homes Inc

Active License
11 Years in Business

About the builder

Elara Homes started building in 2004, and has since completed over 90 homes in the Montgomery/Harris county area. We are a hands-on, customer-focused, faith-based custom home builder that is currently building approximately 20 houses per year and expect this number to increase as we continue to grow.

We build anywhere from Houston to Huntsville and can build on your lot or help you find land. When it comes to house design, we have a large selection of existing floor plans that can be modified, you can provide us with a floor plan, or we can design a completely new floor plan that’s made just for you!

I encourage you to come out and see our homes in person. The quality of the house, the extensive trim work, and the overall level of attention to detail is unsurpassed — even by homes costing tens of thousands more. We currently have houses in Conroe, Willis, Huffman, and Spring that are in various stages of construction, ranging from 2500 sq ft – 6800 sq ft.

Elara Homes Inc operates out of Willis, TX and holds a license according to the Texas contractors license board.

We were able to verify 5 building permits associated with Elara Homes Inc. Check out their permit history below to see where they have worked and what type of work they have done in the past. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of every project they have completed; just the projects we have been able to verify with the local permit authority.

Elara Homes Inc has a BuildZoom score of 124 and is rated in the top 5% of 222,249 contractors in Texas.


Contact Info

111 N Holland St, Willis, TX 77378
(281) 751-8528

Key Statistics


Elara Homes Inc has a BuildZoom score of 124, which places them above 95% of 222,249 contractors in Texas; license (TE32477) verified as active.
Pro tip: We generally recommend hiring a contractor with a score higher than 95.
(95 percentile)
4 projects
1 project


Based on permit records, we have been able to verify that Elara Homes Inc has worked on 5 projects over the past 4 years.


Here is a pricing breakdown based on the permit records we were able to obtain for Elara Homes Inc. The median size of their projects is approximately $350,000.
Pro tip: For more details about their pricing, check out their recent activity to see how much they have charged for different types of work.
Note: Pricing is not available for all projects.
1 project
4 projects

Building Permits Filed by Elara Homes Inc

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September 16, 2014 - 28415 Monterey Cliff Ln, Houston, TX

New s.f. residence w/ att garage (1-2-5

Value: $375,000 | Business on permit: Elara Homes, Inc | Type: Structural | Job value: 375000 | Phone number on permit: (936) 446-7889 | Permit #: 14026503

September 12, 2014 - 427 Lassen Villa Ct, Houston, TX

New s.f. residence w/ att garage (1-2-5

Value: $520,000 | Business on permit: Elara Homes, Inc | Type: Structural | Job value: 520000 | Phone number on permit: (936) 446-7889 | Permit #: 14028093

September 12, 2014 - 1126 S Commons View Dr, Houston, TX

New s.f. residence w/ att garage (1-2-5

Value: $350,000 | Business on permit: Elera Homes, Inc | Type: Structural | Job value: 350000 | Phone number on permit: (936) 446-7889 | Permit #: 14082159

April 30, 2014 - 635 N Commons View Dr, Houston, TX

New residential detached metal building

Value: $20,000 | Business on permit: Elara Homes, Inc/Aubrey Hall | Type: Structural | Job value: 20000 | Phone number on permit: (281) 751-8528 | Permit #: 13106254

February 8, 2012 - 610 N Commons View Dr, Houston, TX

New sf residence w/attached garage

Value: $323,000 | Business on permit: Elara Homes | Type: Structural | Job value: 323000 | Phone number on permit: (713) 834-5669 | Permit #: 11114571

Reviews of Elara Homes Inc

February 21, 2015
"Warranty Work"

"Very Professional"
Raymond Lynch, Warranty Coordinator and Renee the plumber addressed our problems and concerns in a most professional and energetic manner. We were very pleased with the results.

Goal: Repairs
Start Date:  February 20, 2015
November 17, 2014
"commons of lake houston"

This was our first custom build experience and we are very pleased. We had a lot of precise custom ideas and Elara went above and beyond our expectations. Aubrey and his team were very professional and listened to any questions or concerns. There are always "hiccups" in any type of large project, but we were always treated with respect and dedic...

Read more.

Goal: new custom home
Cost:  $525000
Start Date:  January 1, 2014
Length of Project: 200 days
November 14, 2014
"Satisfied Homeowner"

We still absolutely love our Elara Homes after a year. Raymond Lynch, Warranty Manager, handled our one year warranty list inspection and repairs. He conducted the work in a professional and timely manner. We are completely satisfied.

Goal: new build
Cost:  $550,000
Start Date:  September 14, 2012
Length of Project: 200 days
July 3, 2014

I wanted to write a quick review to let everyone know how much I appreciate the outstanding job that Elara Homes did on our new home in Benders Landing. House is beautiful, and absolutely everything we hoped for.

Goal: build new home
Cost:  $550000
Start Date:  October 1, 2013
Length of Project: 7 days
June 23, 2014
"exceeded our expectations"

We have built 4 custom homes in the past. It is not an easy project. There are a lot of decisions that the owners have to make between themselves, but building this level of detail in the home and the craftsmanship of Elara was beyond what we expected. We would highly recommend Elara to our closest friends.

June 2, 2014
"Amazing quality - "

Elara built a custom home for us in the fall of 2013. The level of quality in the finish was amazing. We had a job supervisor, Steve, that was absolutely great to work with. Addressed our concerns along the way, and accommodated our changes as we asked. Highly recommend.

Goal: build our custom home
Cost:  $475000
Start Date:  May 6, 2013
Length of Project: 183 days
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Asked on June 3, 2014 by carissimik@yahoo

Also, should I try and buy the heater myself or would it actually be more cost efficient to go through the plumber/contractor?

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water heaters are pretty straight forward. always easier to let the pros do it, of course. you do it yourself, run you $400 plus time and sweat. in houston area, typical water heater swap out is $400 plus $400 for 50 gallon water heater, so $800 total. tankless heaters are easily double that. . Read full answer

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Key License Information

  • License #: TE32477
  • Status: Active
  • State: Texas

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    Click here to look up the license status of Elara Homes Inc at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

  • BuildZoom has verified this information with the license authority.

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Here are some of the rules, regulations, and laws governing contractors in Texas

Does Elara Homes Inc carry a valid contracting license?

Only certain types of specialty contractors (HVAC, plumbing, electrical) need to be licensed in Texas. There are no licensing requirements when it comes to hiring for a construction or major remodeling project.

Elara Homes Inc currently holds license TE32477 (), which was Active when we last checked.

How important is contractor licensing in Texas?

Texas does not have any government regulations in place to license contractors so the responsibility is on the consumer to do their homework before hiring. Specialty contractors in Texas are subject to a board examination.

Your liability risk when hiring Elara Homes Inc

If you are concerned about your liability, you should make sure to ask your contractor to provide evidence of workers' comp and general liability since the Board does not have any licensing requirements.

Financial recourse when hiring Elara Homes Inc

The Texas Department of Licensing Regulation does not require contractors to carry a bond nor is there a state recovery fund.

What else should I know before hiring Elara Homes Inc

Texas has some of the lightest regulations on home improvement contractors in the US so there is no financial or criminal background check performed on contractors in the State. The State's Department of Public Safety does maintain a publicly accessible database so consumers can run their own background check before making a hire if they are so inclined.

How is the BuildZoom score calculated?

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