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About the contractor

Grzegorz S Boryczka operates out of Hanover, MA and holds a Construction Supervisor license according to the Massachusetts contractors license board.

We were able to verify 9 building permits associated with Grzegorz S Boryczka. Check out their permit history below to see where they have worked and what type of work they have done in the past. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of every project they have completed; just the projects we have been able to verify with the local permit authority.

Grzegorz S Boryczka has a BuildZoom score of 90. A BuildZoom score of 90 means that the only information we have about this contractor is that their license is active and they can legally work in this area. In order to become licensed, a contractor must prove expertise, and in most states be bonded and insured.

Their license (MACS-071724) was verified as active when we last checked. If you are considering hiring Grzegorz S Boryczka, we recommend double-checking their license status with the license board and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes.


Contact Info

17 Jutila Farm Path Po Box 116, Hanover, MA 02339 Edit

Key Statistics


Grzegorz S Boryczka has a BuildZoom score of 90, which places them above 70% of 139,240 contractors in Massachusetts; license (MACS-071724) verified as active.
Pro tip: We generally recommend hiring a contractor with a score higher than 95.
(70 percentile)
3 projects
1 project
1 project
2 projects


Based on permit records, we have been able to verify that Grzegorz S Boryczka has worked on 7 projects over the past 6 years, and a total of 9 projects over the past 9 years. They have received repeat business from 1 client, which is a strong indicator of reliability.


Here is a pricing breakdown based on the permit records we were able to obtain for Grzegorz S Boryczka. The median size of their projects is approximately $15,000.
Pro tip: For more details about their pricing, check out their recent activity to see how much they have charged for different types of work.
Note: Pricing is not available for all projects.
3 projects
1 project
2 projects

Building Permits Filed by Grzegorz S Boryczka

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- 7 Worcester Sq, Roxbury, MA

Erect decks at parlor level and level 4 of the building per plans

Value: $15,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz S Boryczka | Type: Amendment to a long form | Parcel number: 0801507000 | Fees: $389 | Permit #: A221498

- 30 Stonebridge Dr, Hanson, MA

Repair damaged drywall on ceiling

| Business on permit: Grzegorz Boryczka | Type: Residential permit | License number on permit: 140194 | License name: grzegorz boryczka | Phone number on permit: 617-678-1977 | Parcel number: 5A 7 | Permit #: R-13-0036

- 7 Worcester Sq, Roxbury, MA

Change of occupancy from 1 family to 3 family work to include. as per plans

Value: $618,800 | Business on permit: Grzegorz S Boryczka | Type: Long form/alteration permit | Parcel number: 0801507000 | Fees: $6,424 | Permit #: ALT197546

- 6 Claremont Pk, Roxbury, MA

Renovate building per plans dated 7/5/2012. change of use from a three dwelling units to two dwelling units.fire sprinkler and fa

Value: $452,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz S Boryczka | Type: Long form/alteration permit | Square feet: 4261 | Parcel number: 0402523000 | Fees: $4,722 | Permit #: ALT160266

- 46-52 Boston St, South Boston, MA

Upgrade of fire alarm system basement thru third floor.

Value: $10,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz S Boryczka | Type: Long form/alteration permit | Parcel number: 0703368000 | Fees: $253 | Permit #: ALT54462

- 15 Elmwood Pk 1, Newton, MA

Drywall on 1st flr bath & walkin closet. repair damaged studs & joist under bath tub., door replacement & several vinyl window replacement

Value: $10,500 | Business on permit: Grzegorz Boryczka | Type: Building | Phone number on permit: (617) 678-1977 | Parcel number: 24007 0003 | Fees: $195 | Permit #: 10110507

- 83 W Brookline St, Roxbury, MA

Selective demolition minor nonestructural cosmetic renovation and change of occupancy to three family

Value: $27,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz S Boryczka | Type: Long form/alteration permit | Square feet: 3000 | Parcel number: 0900212000 | Fees: $282 | Permit #: ALT22403

- 1156 Chestnut St, Newton, MA

Enclose front porch add bathroom, expand living room

Value: $20,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz Boryczka | Type: Building | Parcel number: 51040 0027 | Fees: $372 | Permit #: 09100235

- 28 Champa St, Newton, MA

Addition of kitchen, familyroom master bedroom & master bath

Value: $250,000 | Business on permit: Grzegorz Boryczka | Phone number on permit: (617) 471-2003 | Parcel number: 51017 0011 | Fees: $4,650 | Permit #: 07060113

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Key License Information

  • License #: MACS-071724
  • Status: Active
  • State: Massachusetts
  • Type: Construction Supervisor
  • Date Issued: 2009-11-28

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    Click here to look up the license status of Grzegorz S Boryczka at the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.

  • Building permit records show that Grzegorz S Boryczka has worked on 9 permitted projects.

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Here are some of the rules, regulations, and laws governing contractors in Massachusetts

Does Grzegorz S Boryczka carry a valid contracting license?

Any work that involves a building's structural elements in addition to other construction, must be performed by a licensed construction supervisor, issued by the Department of Public Safety. A home improvement contractor must be registered by the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, to perform any nonstructural residential home improvement work.

Grzegorz S Boryczka currently holds license MACS-071724 ((Construction Supervisor)), which was Active when we last checked.

How important is contractor licensing in Massachusetts?

Contractors in Massachusetts must prove continous work experience in their trade or a construction related degree from an accredited college, before they can take an exam to become a licensed contractor. Construction supervisor licenses must be renewed every 2 years, after taking the requisite continuing education requirements.

Your liability risk when hiring Grzegorz S Boryczka

Contractors in Massachusetts must carry general liability insurance and an active workers' compensation policy. Proof of a current workers compensation policy is required to file a building permit as a contractor in Massachusetts. Be sure to request a copy of certificates for each policy.

Financial recourse when hiring Grzegorz S Boryczka

If a remodeling project has gone badly a homeowner can recoup up to $10,000 of actual losses through the Home Improvement Contractor Guaranty Fund. The property must be the owner's primary residence, and a claim must be filed within 6 months of the initial court judgement or the arbitration award date.

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