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Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder

Active License
33 Years in Business

About the contractor

Specializing in all phases of home remodeling to new homes. Fully Licensed & Insured In PA and NJ. Deal directly with owner from beginning to the end of your project, we do not use sub-contractors. Angie List Member & A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau.
We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, roofing, concrete, windows, additions and much more.

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder operates out of Bensalem , PA and holds Additions, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Remodeling, Roofing, Concrete licenses according to the Pennsylvania contractors license board.

We were able to verify 51 building permits associated with Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder. Check out their permit history below to see where they have worked and what type of work they have done in the past. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of every project they have completed; just the projects we have been able to verify with the local permit authority.

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder has a BuildZoom score of 149 and is rated in the top 1% of 125,106 contractors in Pennsylvania.


Contact Info

3293 Dale Rd, Bensalem , PA 19020
(215) 338-1000

Key Statistics


Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder has a BuildZoom score of 149, which places them above 99% of 125,106 contractors in Pennsylvania; license (PA012830) verified as active.
Pro tip: We generally recommend hiring a contractor with a score higher than 95.
(99 percentile)
12 projects
4 projects
12 projects
8 projects
4 projects


Based on permit records, we have been able to verify that Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder has worked on 40 projects over the past 6 years, and a total of 51 projects over the past 9 years. They have received repeat business from 1 client, which is a strong indicator of reliability.

Building Permits Filed by Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder

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December 8, 2014 - 6700 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA

Erection of a one story front addition and level iii alterations (no change in occupancy; c.o. to be issued for addition) to an existing semi-detached auto-repair garage with accessory office as per approved plans. **separate permits required for any mep work

Type: Addition permit | Permit #: 571192

October 30, 2014 - 2839 Nautilus Rd, Philadelphia, PA

Install vinyl siding on house on entire house as per manufacture's specification.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 571200

September 26, 2014 - 1837 Loney St, Philadelphia, PA

Roof replacement - install new base & 3d timberline shingles (sfd)

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 564419

August 11, 2014 - 7143 Glenloch St, Philadelphia, PA

Remove and replace existing pent roof in (kind/only). damaged framing to be replaced. new sheathing and shingles. violation 443145 is a housing violation.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 554945

August 11, 2014 - 9306 Wissinoming St, Philadelphia, PA

Remove shingles and re-shingle roof.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 554942

August 11, 2014 - 9308 Wissinoming St, Philadelphia, PA

Remove shingles and re-shingle roof.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 554936

August 4, 2014 - 8105 Albion St, Philadelphia, PA

Build porch on concrete slab-sfd

Type: Addition permit | Permit #: 551092

August 4, 2014 - 8105 Albion St, Philadelphia, PA

Erection of a porch to an existing detached two (2) story dwelling

Type: Zoning permit | Permit #: 551090

June 12, 2014 - 2817 Hargrave St, Philadelphia, PA

Remove rotten and damage wood from water. rebuild with like in kind material. new window and storm doors no exterior and exterior doors. permit application in response to unsafe violations. to comply violation, completed work is to be inspected and approved as an appropriate repair to each violation. no engineer's report submitted. licensed contractor to assume responsibility of work. no other work this permit. separate permits required for renovation. contact streets department for dumpster and/or footway closure permits.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 542712

April 23, 2014 - 2824 Willits Rd, Philadelphia, PA

Install 14 x 18 deck in rear. applicant agrees to limit the construction to comply with ez permit standard for decks, dated february 2011. deviation from the standard will result in revocation of this permit and imposition of further penalties. maximum area of deck not to exceed 216 sf.

Type: Alteration permit | Permit #: 530111

Reviews of Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder

August 15, 2014

I have had several things done in my home within the last couple of years and every time I used Joe Ritchie Inc. I have had new windows, new doors, and my kitchen updated. The most recent work was a new roof! Every time I'm pleased with how professional Joe and his team are...always on time, answers any questions I have and always cleans up when... Read more.

Goal: new roof
Start Date:  June 16, 2014
Length of Project: 1 day
August 3, 2014

Very Satisfied: I had a new roof installed in April of this year. The men showed up on time, as expected, and worked through the day, until the job was completed. All waste/trash was disposed of, roofing nails weren't found on my deck or surrounding areas, which is important to me and my pets. I would highly recommend Joe & his crew and ... Read more.

Goal: Roof
Cost:  $4000.00
Start Date:  April 1, 2014
Length of Project: 1 day
July 12, 2014

Joe did our master bedroom and bath renovation seven years ago, along with new siding and stucco for the exterior of our home. I still beam with pride when I look around at the beautiful upgrades made to my home. Joe also replaced our old blacktop driveway with concrete. We've gotten numerous compliments from passers-by regarding the house an... Read more.

July 11, 2014
"Wonderful job. Honest and hard working guys. "

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you and your team members have done for us. This is the second time we hired your company. The first was to install new windows and build a security closet and now to install a new roof on our company office building. In both cases, you were always on time; work was performed in a professional man... Read more.

Goal: New roof
Start Date:  July 2, 2014
Length of Project: 2 days
January 16, 2014

Great job! We recently had our kitchen remodeled by Joe Ritchie. Everybody who walks in our kitchen says "WOW!" It is absolutely beautiful. Joe and his staff are highly skilled and pay careful attention to detail. They were punctual, courteous and our house was left clean every day. Our kitchen was completed on budget and on time. We are ... Read more.

January 8, 2014

I have used Joe and his team for three different projects. All the projects were completed timely, with excellent craftsmanship, within budget and with professionalism.

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Remodeling Advice 11 answers

Do you provide a warranty on work performed?
Asked on August 6, 2014 by Jiyan

When you are hired on a larger project, do you typically provide some form of warranty on work performed? What does the warranty typically include?

default logo

Yes, but for each project it varies. I give my customers depending on the project 5 to 10 year workmanship warranty. Most products I use also have there own warranty, for example TimberLine Life Time shingles so I pass that information on to you as a homeowner. The only work I don't guaranteed it... Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image

400.00- to 500.00 per square for TimberLine Life Time 3D shingles Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Most durable hardwood flooring?
Asked on July 9, 2014 by Graham

Hello, I am thinking of adding hardwood floors to my home, but I have two boys aged 7 and 10. Obviously there's a lot of wear and tear on my floors, so I am looking to find attractive, durable, preferably low-maintenance hardwood flooring. Is there such a thing? If so, roughly how much should I expect to spend per square foot? Thanks!

default logo

Bruce hardwood flooring has alot of products at a cost of about $5.00 sq ft not installed. You are much better using a hardwood floor instead of these laminated floors because in 15 years, you can always sand & refinish natural hardwood floors. These other products are hard to repair and the life... Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Do contractors care whether or not a client provides their own materials?
Asked on June 10, 2014 by Mykle

Whenever a contractor goes to a job where the materials are needed to be provided or recommeneded, is that easier for the contractor? Or is it better for the homeowner to be prepared for the job and have the materials selected and purchased before they bring the contractor in?

Mykle profile image

Alot of time we prefer to buy materials and lumber from our suppliers because we have faith & trust in the material we use that it is a high quality. Sometimes homeowner buy cheaper material and if there is a problem it can't come back on us. My company supplies and we stand by the material which... Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
How many doors should a house have?
Asked on July 22, 2014 by Terrance

Wondering how many doors my home should have.

default logo

Minimal two doors per home, but if you have a finished basement you need one door or a one E-gress window. Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Must reduce threshold height difference, but how?
Asked on July 29, 2014 by duane

I have a threshold height difference issue in my kitchen. The house was built in the 1950's & has asbestos tile under 1/4 inch plywood. I have removed 2 layers of vinyl that's on the plywood but I can't take up the plywood for obvious reasons. The problem is with just the plywood, the kitchen floor is about 1/4 inch higher than the hardwood floor that it transitions. With 1/4" Hardi board, mortar, & tile I think the height difference is too great. Any ideas to make the difference less?  If it matters, I believe the bottom layer is concrete because that is what it was in the bathroom.

default logo

Most flooring companies sell transitions threshold pieces, if not you can have one custom made to have a slow transition from height to the next. Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Foundation or roof, which is more important?
Asked on August 3, 2014 by ellar

default logo

Foundation is more important, without a strong foundation there is no sense to worry about anything else because foundation is the most important part that is why when we build a house we start with the foundation. Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image

Definitely a great idea to hire a local contractor. I feel like a smaller local contracting business takes pride in there work and most like to work off of referrals from previous customers so they go the extra mile to make homeowners happy with job. Also hiring a smaller contractor that is local... Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Hi, I'm wanting to build a new home. I'm curious: What types of subcontractors are needed to build a home?
Asked on July 24, 2014 by Susannah

I know some, such as framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical... What other types of contractors are needed when building a brand new custom home?

Susannah profile image

When building a new home there are many phases that go along with it as far as architect,surveyor, sitework, foundation, framing, roofing, electric , hvac, plumbing, designing and dealing with township license & inspections for your zoning & build permits. It is always best to do your homework... Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Rigid insulation on a renovation or remodel to increase efficiency?
Asked on January 3, 2014 by Anomymous

Has anyone tried putting ridgid insulation on the exterior of an existing home to boost its insulation value?

If so, was another vapor barrier needed?

What siding did you put over the new insulation?

did the energy costs go down enough?

default logo

You can install rigid insulation on the exterior of your home without needing to use another vapor barrier. Also some rigid insulation comes with a foil vapor barrier. I use certainteed brand siding. It will help with energy cost. Read full answer

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image
Asked on by
default profile

Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder logo image

Key License Information

  • HIC Number: PA012830
  • Status: Active
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • Type: Additions, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Basements, Remodeling, Roofing, Concrete
  • Date Issued: 6/2/2009

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    Click here to look up the license status of Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder at the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

  • Insurer: Erie Insurance
  • Insured up to: $1,000,000.00
  • Learn More
  • BuildZoom has verified this information with the license authority.
  • Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder is a verified BuildZoom Premium contractor.
  • Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder has completed multiple projects based on building permit records.
  • BuildZoom has verified that Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder has answered more than three industry questions in our remodeling forum.
info verified badge
info verified badge

Employees of Joe Ritchie General Contractor & Builder

team member image
Joseph Ritchie
team member image
Dana Ritchie
Owner/Office Manager

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Philadelphia, PA

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