Description: Chimney cleaning repair and relining
HIC Number: PEPA047080
Description: Chimney cleaning, liner installation, chimney repointing
HIC Number: PEPA057331
Description: Chimney cleaning repointing rebuilding relining repairs masonry roofing
HIC Number: PEPA002131
Description: Masonry restoration such as chimney repair, tuckpainting, stonework
HIC Number: PEPA008355
Description: Painting, renovations, concrete sidewalks, decks, porches, shingles, rubber, hot tar, slate, chimney pointing and sweeping, siding, soffit, gutters, and sheetmetal work
HIC Number: PEPA081789

Scott T Boppe Sr

Harrisburg, PA
Description: All masonry from stone brick block concrete fire place repointing
HIC Number: PEPA069726

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Pete Keelen Masonry

Harrisburg, PA 1 review
Description: Concrete sidewalks brick restoration & cleaning brick pointing
HIC Number: PEPA052513

Aaa Specialty Contractors Inc

Harrisburg, PA 1 review
Description: Additions, renovations, windows
HIC Number: PEPA029701

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