Retaining Wall Builders in Hinesville

Southern Cross Construction

Hinesville, GA
(912) 876-9532
Licenses: General building contractor
License Number: CA807738
Bond Amount: $12,500
Bonded: Yes
Recent project
Permit # PDS2005-1005-20050945
Otc cross street:madriddescription of work:minor remodeli... more

Otc cross street:madriddescription of work:minor remodeling as follows: replacing 29 sq/ft windows and all interrior doors, new kitchen cabinetry and removal of 18 l/f int.partition; relocation of, new main bedroom configuration with addition of a new 4x4 skylight.removal of 119 sq/ft exterior deck and replacing for new 2x6 redwood floor. also, minor fixtures for main entrance (fountain, concrete steps) misc. elec.mech. and plumbing.finally, 645 sq/ft int.drywall plastering.02-nov-2005.plan change: add 2200 sq ft re-roof w/comp shingle for existing sfd.ljc.
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