Electricians in Lehigh Valley

Licenses: Electrical contractors
License Number: NE34EB01645000

Hauptly Electrical & Plumbing

Pottsville, PA
(570) 691-8700
License Number: PEPA070436

Matthew Frinzi Electrical Contractor

Bethlehem, PA
(610) 691-8535
License Number: PEPA068110


Bethlehem, PA
(484) 560-8444
Licenses: Master electrician
License Number: PEPA102360
Licenses: Electrical contractors
License Number: NE34EB01348800

Jle Electrical Service

Tower City, PA
(717) 542-1559
Licenses: New and remodel electrical construction in homes and commercial buildings., changeouts and repairs. exterior lighting and pole lighting install and rep
License Number: PEPA069614
Licenses: Electrical contractor proforming service, new installation, and renovation of electrical systems.
License Number: PEPA091504
Licenses: Commercial and residential electrical contracting.
License Number: PA084823

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Jjv Electrical Services

Bethlehem, PA
(610) 868-5174
Licenses: Electrical troubleshooting, repairs, installations, estimating and related construction for general residential and light commercial applications.
License Number: PEPA101851

Kiefer Electrical Service

Allentown, PA
(610) 439-0391
Licenses: Residential and commerical electrical repairs and wiring
License Number: PEPA052399

Anthracite Plumbing And Electrical

Minersville, PA
(570) 516-4471
Licenses: Pennsylvania plumbing and electrical contractor since 2003 serving residential customers.
License Number: PA083109
Licenses: Electrical contractors
License Number: NE34EB01417900
Licenses: Electrical contractors
License Number: NE34EB01297200

Bill Fritchman Electrical Contractor

Allentown, PA
(610) 437-4872
Licenses: Install electric wiring new and old work. inside and outside dwelling and s, washer, dryer
License Number: PEPA070925

Fabian Cedeno Electrical Contractor

Allentown, PA
(610) 451-7765
Licenses: Residential electrical work. new home wiring, new home service entrance, existing home re-wiring
License Number: PEPA070513

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