Description: Remodeling, roofing, windows
HIC Number: PEPA057972
Description: Home improvements remodelingbathrooms, kitchens, decks
HIC Number: PEPA024359

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Description: Installations of all types of floor coverings, including but not limited to, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, laminates and hardwoods. moving furniture and appliances. removing and replacing toilets. removing and disposing of old floor coverings. removing and replacing baseboard and door trim. trimming doors as needed. installing subfloor as needed. repairing damaged or poorly installed fl
HIC Number: PEPA104889
Description: General contractorbuild new residences remodeling carpentry masonry cement work roofing etc, property maitenance, snow removal, generalconstruction, general home improvements and repairs. decks, kitchens, bathrooms, and gamerooms., concrete masonry home improvement interiorexterior painting, general contractingaddittionsroofingsiding framing etc, interiorexterior remodeling, general contractor, ho
HIC Number: PEPA007788
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Facade renovations to front entrance of 2 story structure

Facade renovations to front entrance of 2 story structure
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