Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Mill Creek

Jesse M Giordano Contracting

Huntingdon, PA
(814) 644-3567
Licenses: Remodeling, baths, doors and windows, decks, kitchens
License Number: PEPA089186

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Burdicks Custom Carpentry

Huntingdon, PA
(814) 931-1467
Licenses: Build cabinets and furniture repair and/or refinish cabinets and furniture remodel/update kitchens and or bathrooms, molding and/or trim carpentry (finish carpentry)
License Number: PEPA098871

Mcdermott Construction

Huntingdon, PA
(814) 641-0189
Licenses: General contracting concrete new home construction remodeling siding windows kitchens decks bathrooms garages additions pole buildings drywall electrical
License Number: PEPA039118

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To provide you with a listing of the top Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Mill Creek, we've analyzed thousands of license records from the Pennsylvania license board, local building permits and feedback from several thousand Pennsylvania residents and construction professionals.

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