Description: Drywall contractors
License Number: JE13VH05040800

Mountain View Drywall Inc

Hillsborough, NJ
License Number: JE13VH04476900

Nj Quality Drywall

Washington, NJ
License Number: JE13VH03147800

Jim Fisher Drywall

West Milford, NJ
License Number: JE13VH02849400
License Number: JE13VH00325700
License Number: JE13VH02027000

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Denver Drywall Co Inc

Morrisville, PA
HIC Number: PEPA031788
License Number: JE13VH00474600
License Number: JE13VH04529200
License Number: JE13VH02008400

John Smith Drywall

Newton, NJ
License Number: JE13VH02427600
License Number: JE13VH03992900
Description: General contractor - non-registered
License Number: NE610194
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Alteration type 2 - partitions minor interior alterations: 1. new p... more

Alteration type 2 - partitions minor interior alterations: 1. new partitions, repairing, patching and painting; 2. relocation/replacement of kitchen cabinets and appliances w/ related plumbing job as per drawings; 3. two new built-in closets. no change in use,occupancy, egress and room count.
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