Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Petoskey

Encore Kitchen & Bath Llc

Traverse City, MI
Licenses: Builder - company
License Number: MI2102173236

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Batchelder, John C

Naubinway, MI
Licenses: Professional engineer
License Number: MI6201027478

Elya Construction, LLC

Brutus, MI
Elya Construction, LLC is an experienced, licensed, trusted and insured Northern Michigan buildin... more Elya Construction, LLC is an experienced, licensed, trusted and insured Northern Michigan building contractor in business for over 37 years. We specialized in Design/Build before it was popular. We work with our clients to provide "value". Our Quality and Price Will Please You. We stay on top of new building technology to offer the greatest energy and construction savings available. Since 1976 Elya Construction has offered the Northern Michigan Area Quality Design and Construction Services. Al Elya, Jr., Founder and Owner, is a hands-on builder; personally overseeing all aspects of your project. Our Goal is to Build Quality and Value for you. We mix modern technology and building practices with old-fashioned craftsmanship. We offer "Green Building Systems" per Clients' specifications. We are an EPA Certified Renovator for Your Building Projects. We are a Wolverine Restoration Contractor. We are a "Trex Pro" Contractor
(231) 529-7002
Licenses: Builder - company
License Number: 2102166203

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