Description: Provide plumbing heating and drain cleaning service to residents and businesses in the city of philadelphia
HIC Number: PEPA011133
Recent Building Permit
Curb trap , fai and prv box pa 2015-0351417"self certification's ar... more

Curb trap , fai and prv box pa 2015-0351417"self certification's are no longer permitted","all excavations and plumbing trenches in excess of 5 ft in depth must have approved shoring in place at the time of inspection"
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Description: Plumbing/building maintanence.
HIC Number: PEPA093009
Recent Building Permit
Replace lateral (sfd) pa20150330180 "self-certification's are no lo... more

Replace lateral (sfd) pa20150330180 "self-certification's are no longer permitted" - "all excavations & plumbing trenches in excess of 5' in depth must have approved shoring in place at the time of inspection
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Bob Hughes Chimney, Fireplace And Duct Cleaning

Philadelphia, PA 1 review
Description: Chimney cleaning, chimney lining, pointing, duct cleaning, chimney caps, all chimney and fireplace work for philadelphia and surrounding areas
HIC Number: PEPA095873
Description: Commercial and resedential drain cleaning services
HIC Number: PEPA063096
Recent Building Permit
Replace sanitary lateral from city main to curb trap (sfd) pa201420... more

Replace sanitary lateral from city main to curb trap (sfd) pa20142092787 self-cerification's are no longer permitted - all excavations & plumbing trenches in excess of 5' in depth must have approved shoring in place at the time of inspection
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HIC Number: PEPA055109
Description: I unclog stopped up drains and do small plumbing work
HIC Number: PEPA092495

Debbies Cleaning

Philadelphia, PA
Description: All plumbing inside the house and all drain cleaning.
HIC Number: PEPA106472

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Description: Home remodeling (general contractor
HIC Number: PEPA086161
Description: Cpr restoration & cleaning service
HIC Number: JE13VH04571700
Description: Full service cleaning and general contracting. services include floors(carpet cleaning, refinishing wood, waxing/buffing/ stain wood, polish/seal/grout marble), home improvements/renovations, interior/exterior painting, and clean outs.
HIC Number: PEPA097873
Description: Cleaning of asphult and composition roofs, house siding, stucco
HIC Number: PEPA052119
Description: Residential cleaning services and light carpentry
HIC Number: PEPA102161
Description: Residentialcommercialnew construction plumbingsewer and drain cleaning
HIC Number: PEPA045674
Description: Sewer and drain cleaning services, video inspection, high pressure water jetting
HIC Number: PEPA100398

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