License Number: DEDELEWARE LIC. #200
Description: Home improvement contractors
License Number: NE13VH06704400
Description: Painting and drywall installation
HIC Number: PEPA104454
License Number: JE13VH05024200
Description: Call us for all your special project needs....window replacement, door/screen replacement, drywall repair & replacement
HIC Number: PEPA071923
Description: Gwb installation and finishing, insulation installation, framing, act
HIC Number: PA080211
Description: Home improvement contractors
License Number: NE13VH05733000
Description: General contracting
HIC Number: PEPA030718

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Description: Drywal interior and exterior painting
License Number: PEPA090336
Description: Commercial work, framing, drywall
HIC Number: PEPA053756
Description: Drywall, plumbing, electrical
HIC Number: PEPA011389
Description: Install drywall, insulation and acoustical ceilings
HIC Number: PEPA015620
Description: Install or hang drywall panels, finish, patch and repair all types of wall surfaces with drywall, plaster or cement products
HIC Number: PEPA100098

Timothy M Gorman

Plymouth Meeting, PA
Description: General home improvements, specializing in the removal of home heating oil tanks that are above ground. other services would include minor drywall repairs, painting, etc.
HIC Number: PEPA097242
Description: Drywall hanging, finishing, & repair work accoustical ceiling i
HIC Number: PEPA058047

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