a2 Design Solutions LLC.

Phoenixville, PA 3 reviews
Description: Home improvements
HIC Number: PA095266

Frank's Home Repair

Philadelphia, PA
Description: Small jobs for small company ex sheetrock, framing, windows
HIC Number: PEPA032975
Recent Building Permit
Interior repair installing new 1/2 sheetrock, and spackle and paint... more

Interior repair installing new 1/2 sheetrock, and spackle and paint, interior door and windows
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Description: Painting interior exterior drywalling carpentry
HIC Number: PEPA087896

Jim Dougherty

Broomall, PA
Description: Drywall, metal stud work and acoustic ceilings
HIC Number: PEPA095095
Description: Hang and finish drywallvery small comany
HIC Number: PA078142
Description: Paint, paper, sheetrock
License Number: PEPA042222
Description: Interior rehabilitation, painting, drywall
HIC Number: PEPA047596
Description: Interior exterior paintingdrywall repair
HIC Number: PEPA064314

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Description: Interior/exterior painting, remodeling, power washing, handyman services, drywall, general carpentry, siding, gutter cleaning, and roof repair.
License Number: 13VH07123600
Description: Drywall installation including taping & seaming
HIC Number: PEPA062241
License Number: DE2006200922

K S Construction Company

Plymouth Meeting, PA
Description: Interior finish of modular housing-framing-drywall hanging and finishing-in
HIC Number: PEPA056017
Description: Drywall contractors
Description: Drywall, masonary, carpentry
HIC Number: PEPA086780

Machine Drywall Ltd

Burlington, NJ
License Number: JE13VH00063000