Description: We provide demolition, sheet rock, flooring installation, painting, sanding, framing, home remodeling of bathrooms, kitchen, basements, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.
HIC Number: PEPA104308
Description: General contractor - including but not limited to carpentry, basic plumbing, basic electricity, painting, drywall, tile, doors and windows.
HIC Number: PEPA096918
Description: M and w fernandez contractors inc is small corporation that repairs and remodels residential structures some of which include, the repairing or changing of sheet rock, changing of sidings, fence mending, roof repairing, trash removal (internal and external), installation and capping of doors and windows, and installation of gutters and downspout.
HIC Number: PEPA099804
Description: General contractor doors, windows, trim, tile, floors, cabinets, counters, sheetrock, framing, painting, etc.
HIC Number: PEPA111003
Description: Interior and exterior painting - dry wall finishing
HIC Number: PEPA034388
Recent Building Permit
Interior and exterior renovations, adding additional bathroom, kitc... more

Interior and exterior renovations, adding additional bathroom, kitchen, windows, additional lighting. education center
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Description: My business is a home remodeling professional we do kitchens, bathrooms, drywall
HIC Number: PEPA060447
Description: Home improvements installation of windows doors drywall framework bathroom ceramic tile work
HIC Number: PEPA076230
Description: Installation of kitchen cabinetscountertopsvanity cabinetssome drywall and painting
HIC Number: PA078445

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Description: Interior and exterior painting, dry wall repair.
HIC Number: PEPA095458
Description: Repair drywall painting plumbing electrical trash removal clean outs small handyman jobs
HIC Number: PEPA098690
Description: Carpentry drywall painting carpeting flooring doors windows
HIC Number: PEPA099781
Description: Carpentry rough in (framing, subfloors, etc...) finsih work siding and capping installing windows and doors hanging and finishing sheetrock
HIC Number: PEPA086237
Recent Building Permit
600 sq. ft. rubber/asphalt roof replacement on the main roof

600 sq. ft. rubber/asphalt roof replacement on the main roof
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Description: General repairman for basic repairs, indoor, outdoor, home damages, paint, drywall, minor fixes, repairs.
HIC Number: PEPA092953
Description: Full home renovations,kitchens,baths flooring of all kinds,drywall,doors,windows ect.
HIC Number: PEPA109734
Description: Renovation and remodeling, sheetrock, framing, masonary, painting, tile work, flooring, custom molding and trim etc. specialize in kitchens and bathrooms complete with design and consultation. fully licensed and insured. we also coordinate with a wide range of specialty sub contractors .
HIC Number: PEPA099128

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