Description: Interior & exterior painting, drywall repairs, carpentry repairs
HIC Number: PEPA038517

Diamond State Development Corporation, Inc

Wilmington, DE
Description: All phases of home improvements--including roofing, remodeling, insurance claims, doors and windows, drywall, flooring, ada, baths, kitchens, etc.
License Number: PEPA095686

Innovative Construction Concepts LLC

Voorhees, NJ
Description: Home improvement contractor
License Number: 13VH07768600
Description: Interior and exterior painting, paperhanging and drywall finishing
HIC Number: PEPA093095
Description: Design, remodeling, carpentry, drywall, painting, window replacement, curb setting, demolition
HIC Number: PEPA107046
Recent Building Permit
Replace windows, replace broken walls with drywall, replace concret... more

Replace windows, replace broken walls with drywall, replace concrete steps, add crown molding/chair rails, replace kitchen cabinets and counter top, tile kitchen floor (applicant agrees to ez permits standard for interior alteration dated feb.2011 deviation from the standard will result in revocation of this permit and imposition of further penalties. plumbing, electrical and mechanical approvals are not part of this permit. separate permits are required.)
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Jason Cotton Painting

Feasterville Trevose, PA 3 reviews
Description: Interior and exterior painting powerwashing and drywall repair i also provi, staining and sealing
HIC Number: 033363
Description: Painting interior exterior drywalling carpentry
HIC Number: PEPA087896
Description: Paint, paper, sheetrock
License Number: PEPA042222

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Description: Interior rehabilitation, painting, drywall
HIC Number: PEPA047596
Description: Hang and finish drywallvery small comany
HIC Number: PA078142
Description: Drywall, metal stud work and acoustic ceilings
HIC Number: PEPA095095
Description: Interior exterior paintingdrywall repair
HIC Number: PEPA064314
Description: Interior/exterior painting, remodeling, power washing, handyman services, drywall, general carpentry, siding, gutter cleaning, and roof repair.
License Number: 13VH07123600
Description: Drywall installation including taping & seaming
HIC Number: PEPA062241
Description: Interior finish of modular housing-framing-drywall hanging and finishing-in
HIC Number: PEPA056017

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