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Contractor licensing in Phoenix is regulated by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. There are 14,886 licensed contractors based in Phoenix and many more licensed contractors in the metropolitan area who are available to work in Phoenix. On average, a contractor in Phoenix has received a 3.7 out of 5 rating from clients. We’ve analyzed and ranked each for your convenience - you can browse the top-rated using the links below.

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Remodeling and construction in Phoenix is regulated by the Phoenix Planning & Development. According to them, there were 6,028 permitted improvements completed in Phoenix in 2014, which represents a decrease of 41% over the previous year and 48% decrease over the 10-year average for the city.
Here are some of the rules, regulations, and laws governing contractors in Arizona

When do you need to hire a licensed contractor in Arizona?

Although the State of Arizona allows its residents to hire unlicensed contractors, however it strongly encourages them to hire licensed contractors for remodeling or construction work.

How important is contractor licensing in Arizona?

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors maintains high standards for licensing. Applicants are required to pass a written board exam and prove at least four years of prior, relevant work experience (this varies a bit based on specialty).

Your liability risk when hiring a licensed contractor in Arizona

Licensed contractors in Arizona with employees are required to carry workers' compensation insurance.

Financial recourse when hiring a contractor in Arizona

Residential contractors are required to provide a consumer protection bond. This may be in the form of a Surety Bond; cash deposit in the amount of $200,000; or payment into the Residential Contractors' Recovery Fund. Under certain conditions, consumers may be eligible to apply to the residential contractors' recovery fund and receive up to thirty thousand dollars to have the work corrected or completed.

What else should I know before hiring a contractor in Arizona?

Starting in '02, the ROC began performing a criminal background check on license applicants by checking their fingerprints against the FBI criminal database.

How is the BuildZoom score calculated?

The BuildZoom score is based on a number of factors including the contractor's license status, insurance status, verified work history, standing with local consumer interest groups, verified reviews from other BuildZoom users and self-reported feedback from the contractor.

Why you should hire through BuildZoom

When it comes to major construction work or even minor alterations to your home, hiring the wrong contractor could result in incomplete or defective work. You may even find yourself dealing with huge liability claims. BuildZoom does the homework for you and helps you hire the right contractor.

You should get several bids before hiring a contractor

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors recommends getting at least three written bids before hiring a contractor. Do not automatically accept the lowest bid - an abnormally low bid may indicate the contractor made a mistake and is not including the same work quoted by their competitors. We've made the bid collection process extremely simple (and free). Just click here to get started.