Description: Carpentry, remodeling, home maintenance
HIC Number: PEPA067046
Description: Rodney sloat- d b a rand s provide routine maintenance services i e changes, light bulbs & ballasts ect, perform reair services i e fix toli
HIC Number: PEPA035689
Description: Carpentry, drywall, general maintenance
HIC Number: PEPA044868
Description: Sealcoating driveway maintenance asphalt and landscaping
HIC Number: PEPA109097
Description: Lawn mowing, property maintenance, hardscaping
HIC Number: PEPA068366
Description: A property preservation company providing trash out, thorough cleaning, minor repairs and monthly maintenance.
HIC Number: PEPA092183
Description: Home maintenance, repairs, carpentry
HIC Number: PA084604
Description: Property maintenance, home repairs, lawn care
HIC Number: PEPA063905

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RMG Fence and Exterior Maintenance

York, PA
Description: Fence installation and exterior maintenance including but not limited too commercial and residential fencing landscape and yard maintenance hardscape, pressure washing, spring and fall clean up, and odd jobs.
HIC Number: PEPA095703
Description: Hvac maintenance, repairs and change-outs general maintenance including cleaning, trash-out
HIC Number: PEPA057764
Description: Mowing and landscaping- mulching, trimming, patios
HIC Number: PEPA013734
Description: Lawn and landscape maintenance - mowing, mulching, spring and fall clean-up, trim bushes, and weeding. snow plowing and salting.
HIC Number: PEPA099056
Description: Home improvement
HIC Number: PA081154
Description: Handyman- home remodeling, repairs, maintenance
HIC Number: PEPA023757
Description: Home theater installation and maintenance
HIC Number: PEPA018964

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